Kaar (keɪ ɑː) are strange fungal humanoids from another Earth-like planet that were elevated and integrated into human society. They have greyish green porous skin with a single cyclopean eye in the middle of an otherwise featureless “face”. They have harsh voices and an imposing presence, leading some people to fear them. Furthermore, they are resilient and dutiful, with a culture heavily based around honour. Traditionally, they are used as shock troopers, miners, and labourers, but aside from bias in management, they make fine STEM workers.


  • Are taller than most humans.
  • Weigh less than a human of similar size.

Cultural Names

Kaar name themselves using the convention of: ‘descriptor’ ‘natural object’.

Fast Dirt, Sleepy River.


  • Universal
  • Kaar Sensory, a language of nuanced chemical signals only understandable to those with heightened senses.


Water and sunlight, or replacement nutrient paste smeared on the skin.

Mementos and Fetishes

Kaar will sometimes carry a vial containing their namesake as a superstition.

Reproduction And Gender

They are non-gendered fungus and reproduce through spores. Though, some Kaar will take on gendered pronouns based on their presentation in Earth society.

All space faring Kaar are neutered to avoid uncontrollable spreading and circulation of spores.





You have small fibres coming off every part of your body which you leave on objects you touch lasting a few moments before withering to nothing.

  • If you die for any reason, you may regrow yourself anywhere you have been in the last few moments. This process takes a few minutes.
  • You automatically remove Defeated at the end of combat or at the end of each Scene.
  • You regrow any lost limbs within a few minutes.





You have trained in the traditional weapons and armour of the Kaar culture.

  • You have access to the following Equipment:



Requisition 1

Praetorian Armour

A suit of trimmed down salvaged power armour focusing on heightened mobility while reducing the overall protection.



Requisition 3

Praetorian Glaive

A large glaive adorned with ceremonial markings and a head of strange non-euclidean crystal. This traditional weapon has been augmented with salvaged plasma weaponry, allowing it to fire short range bursts of heated plasma as well.