Reclaimers Organization

A government branch attached to the Navy but using mostly non-military personnel. Reclaimers are recruited in many ways, but once you are accepted you are a Reclaimer until you die or retire. You are guaranteed care and housing on Earth in your associated Dome, and receive outstanding training at the reclaimer facilities.


“Reclaimers” are highly trained individuals with valuable skill sets that are sent to threatened colonies to evaluate the situation and stabilize the colony before military aid arrives. Reclaimers utilize advanced technology called warp pods to reduce the amount of time taken to travel in space to almost 0. These small pods capable of holding a squad of people, 1 week worth of rations, survival equipment and personal gear are sent through wormholes. Reclaimers should attempt to provide aid to colonists in any way possible, and if necessary establish an entry point for the military.


The reclaimer facility is a large mix between a military base and a university campus housing great minds, research, dojos, firing ranges, art galleries and just about anything else the most talented of humanity has to offer.

The Board

The reclaimers are headed by a board of directors. These positions are for life and only replaced by appointment when a board member passes away. Board member vote on organization wide decisions and each maintain a personal Squad which they are responsible for training, organizing, and arming.


Reclaimers are generally placed in small groups called Squads. A squad is usually at most a few dozen people along with their support staff. This structure of a few people allows for tight bonds between squad mates and a sense of normalcy. The Reclaimers need to be mindful of the great lengths a deployed Reclaimers group can take to return to earth while in Cryo. Reclaimers will easily outlive their outside friends and family so having some relationships that age as they do is important.

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