A Game About Violence And Control.

Inspired by PBtA systems, science fiction horror, and the tears in the rain monologue. So much classic Science Fiction is about people who have the most incredible parts of their life behind them, talking of past adventures, horrors, and injustices with exhausted recollection. In Reclaimers, you play the people living those moments, every session of Reclaimers should be a “tear in the rain”.

Reclaimers is currently a work in progress on a journey to become a complete game

  • It is open source under CC BY SA 4.0 feel free to fork and modify.
  • It is updated almost weekly with a public change log.
  • It may have proposed changes you can review.
  • A list of known issues is tracked, you can report anything you notice.
  • You can also request features.

Hosted By: Dillon Matchett Licensed Under: CC BY SA 4.0 Originally At: GitHub