0: Black Mass


A station “andromeda” has gone dark after reporting a strange fungal infection among the crew. The reporter was a doctor, breaking the chain of command. The officers are reporting business as usual. Black fungal mass is moving through the air, it has been slowly infecting the crew and two are already dead.




graph TD
  Docking <--> Recreation
  Maintenance <--> Docking
  Recreation <--> Security
  Security <--> Command
  Recreation <--> Command
  Recreation <--> Medical
  Recreation <--> Maintenance


People in charge of the area.

Mario Mckay (He/Him)

  • Captain.
  • Up for promotion, looking to get off the station. Covering up the situation.
  • Ignorant, not hostile.


People protecting the area.

Nicholas Koko (He/Him)

  • Security Head.
  • Sergeant.
  • Devoted.

    Sighing Sun (She/Her)

  • Corporal.
  • Devoted.


People keeping the area working.

Rosita Dziawa (She/Her)

  • Paranoid.

    “Tank” (He/Him)

  • Dead.


People keeping the people working.

Audry Rowell (She/Her)

  • Sent the SOS

    Amelie Gure (She/Her)

  • Dead


People passing through.


  • Entry bay will have some mass fragments.
  • Maintenance will be sealed off.
  • Spores in the air.
  • Filters are broken on station.
  • No detection, captain says it is nothing, just need to have the illness pass.
  • Captain will become angry if pressured, if killed will transform.
  • Engineer in maint was convulsing, medic went in after him, they are now in “quarantine” (dead).
  • Mass creatures crawling out of vents.
  • Need clearance from captain to get into Maint
  • Security will become suspicious of asking too many questions, think they are spies or imposters?



Black Mass

Mass Zombie

A fully formed human infected with the black mass. It has only one directive, consume and grow.

Move Threat Integrity Weakness Resistance
Reach 2 4 Heat Piercing, Rending

Makes a spore cloud on death infecting any loose flesh and obfuscating #TODO


Black Mass

Mass Fragment

A chunk of mass come to life looking to infect those around it.

Move Threat Integrity Weakness Resistance
Reach 1 - - -


  • Message was short missing signing keys
  • Messages from space short use a ascii style binary pattern with a few codes.
  • Checkpoint station, lots of people coming and going
  • Medical team taking secondary contracts potentially.
  • Got ambushed by horrors on way into the facility, cleaned them up.
  • Got processed by Audry Rowell (She/Her)
  • P4T played cards asking sec questions and they owed him a favour.
  • Met the Captain, was ignorant.
  • Rosita Dziawa (She/Her) was taken to sec to sleep the day off.
  • went to see Rosita Dziawa (She/Her) she seemed nuts thinks there is something in the air. Was detained. Wants them to fix the filters.
  • Went to see Audrey, has a full surgical suite (auto surgery).
  • Doing some scans. Everyone infected. Captain is severely infected.
  • Captain is up for promotion, leaving in 2 weeks.
  • Killed the captain after detainment.
  • Talked down the security when they rushed in.
  • Got them to med, injected 1 but the other freaked out when the medicine was injected and attacked.
  • P4T suffered a meaningful injury but they managed to get the soldier injected with Audry Rowell (She/Her) help.
  • P4T recovered in a surgical suite.
  • Cleaned up the Captains office before something grew in there.
  • Checked maint and found 2 zombies in there spreading there spores.
  • Pushed in and killed them gaining back control of the station.