Specifics of measurement, distance and the idea of “movement speed”, are simplified. Instead of a movement speed, usually it is assumed your character can make it to where they want to go, the question is how rushed will you be when you get there.

Distance Increments

Generally, when you are getting ready to do an action and plan to move towards something, there are 5 distances it can be from you:


The location is within reach.


The location is nearby, basically anyone could make it there without too much trouble.


The location is a short travel distance, it would be a challenge for most people to get there quickly.


The location is far off, even a very fast person would struggle to get to it quickly.


The location isn’t reachable in a timely manner. You should instead try to move towards it, but more narrative work needs to be done to get to it.

As a Game Master try to avoid making situations and locations where things are impossible to reach. Impossible should also include suggestions for more approachable milestones.

Approximating Distance

Distances shouldn’t be set in stone, it should be flexible based on your characters’ movement and the timescale of the current events. However, the following guidelines are provided.

Name Approximate Distance
Reach $< 3m$
Close $\approx 10m$
Short $\approx 20m$
Far $\approx 40m$
Impossible $> 50m$

Movement Action Penalty

When you are expected to travel to a location and immediately perform an action, like when in Combat, or otherwise pressured, any action you take may be at a penalty.

Your movement action penalty is equal to the number of additional distance increments you need to travel beyond your Movement Distance.

So if you had 2 Agility your Movement Distance is Reach, if you were to move Close you would suffer a (-1) to an action, Far would be a (-3).

There is no movement action penalty for Impossible because it isn’t possible to arrive there. The character must spend some time in transit before making it, any action penalty would be based on their intermediate destination.

Movement Distance

This is the distance you can comfortably move based on Agility. Some equipment or abilities may effect this value.

Agility Distance
1 -
2 Reach
3 Close
4 Short
5 Far

Avoiding Obstacles

If there are obstacles in the way of a movement, you may need to perform an Action to avoid it.