Reclaimers deal with a massive amount of horror and strain in the field, and everyone has a boiling point. Stress behaves like Armour but for your mind, providing a buffer before you have trouble contributing and behaving rationally.

Whenever you:

  • See something horrible.
  • Become afraid of something.
  • Do something unethical.
  • Make a hard choice.

You gain stress.

Regaining Stress

Resting taking a break during play isn’t enough to remove stress, stress is fully removed when Returning-From-Space, but if you do something truly heroic or absolving, your Game Master may reduce your stress.

Boiling Over

If you, at any point, gain stress and have stress equal to or greater than your boiling point, you are no longer useful to the scene. The Game Master and Player Characters may come up with a unique result or effect for the stress and how it manifests, but as a fallback, it is like the character is Defeated.