Sometimes when something happens, you wish you could have done something differently to avoid or responded sooner. This is what Reactions are for, allowing you to react to things as they happen. Any time you want to react to something that is currently happening, you may spend a Reaction. You cannot react to a reaction.

Narrative Reactions

Any time you would like to interrupt an ongoing action, you may spend a Reaction to do so.

If someone had just pulled a lever to lower a drawbridge, you could spend a reaction to attack them before they can do it, hopefully, leaving the bridge up.

Combat Reactions

Combat provides additional ways to react, some obvious ones are below.


If an Opponent performs a Successful Attack, you may perform a Reflexes Fixed Difficulty(0). If you succeed, you ignore the effects of the attack unless otherwise specified.

Move to Cover

A Coordination skill test where if you succeed then you may move to a piece of cover within Reach before an enemy ranged attack is calculated. You cannot Move to Cover while Prone.

Attack of Opportunity

If someone moves while In Melee with you, you may make an Attack against them.