Measures your spirit, your sense of self and the world around you. It is also used to force your will on others, conjure magic, and interrogate others.

It can be honed to better perform the Skills:


The act of transcending your human limitations and connecting to something outside yourself. This includes:

  • Performing magical rituals.
  • Interfacing with magical locations or structures.
  • Psychic powers.
  • Instantaneous magic.
  • Using magic items.

Any time you are trying to connect to the world around you or bend reality to your will, you should make an ascendancy Skill test.


The act of maintaining your sense of self, no matter what happens to you. This includes:

  • Not being afraid.
  • Resisting attacks on your mind.
  • Not being influenced by chemicals, or magic.
  • Resisting torture.
  • Performing interrogation / torture.

Any time you are trying to maintain who you are, or impose that on someone else, you should make a volition Skill test.