Measures how intelligent your character is.

It can be honed to better perform the Skills:


The action of applying what you know and have learned. This includes:

  • Medicine and first aid.
  • Creating things.
  • Performing experiments.
  • Playing instruments.
  • Picking locks.
  • Modifying objects.

Any time you are applying your knowledge and expertise, you should make an application Skill test.


The action of learning and remembering things about the world around you, making causal connections, getting additional details. This includes:

  • Determining if someone is telling the truth.
  • Figuring out how a trap or danger works.
  • Getting additional details about an environment.
  • Seeing something you otherwise would have difficulty seeing.
  • Recalling advanced knowledge from a trained discipline.
  • Knowing something that you could realistically know.
  • Memorizing something complex under pressure.

Any time you are looking for more insight into a situation, you should make an understanding Skill test.