Session 6


“Wartime Contraband Shipments” from Baron Hahn’s Estate. Going to take a tour as CentGov emissaries, investigate while there.

Baron, though not a member of CentGov, is a large provider to the space backbone. Need to be careful not to upset him unless something is truly wrong.

Mission Rating: Level 0 (Appearance)*

Relevant Crew

Keir Hahn (He/Him)

The Baron A rough skinned man with blue eyes and silver long hair braided with ancient “datajack” (chords and connectors directly attached to the skull) technology not used in centuries.

5YD (They/Them)

Head Of Research No photo available.

Page Lundqvist (She/They)

Head Of Service Ex-military for CentGov, top knot silver hair, brown eyes, a CentGov issued prosthetic leg and a collection of military tattoos from multiple deployments.

Merfyn Grey Beans (He/Him)

Head Of Security No photo available.




graph LR

subgraph H1[House F1]


Entry <--> Hall

Hall <--> Kitchen

Hall <--> SQ[Servants Quarters]

SQ <--> Kitchen

Hall <--> DR[Dining Room]

Hall <--> TR[Trophy Room]

Hall <--> Basement

DR <--> TR

Hall <--> ER[Entertaining Room]



Hall <--> Balcony


subgraph H2[House F2]

Balcony <--> RR[Reading Room]

Balcony <--> MB[Master Bedroom]

Balcony <--> SR[Sun Room]

Balcony <--> SPR[Spare Room]



Survival Shelter

graph LR
Hallway <--> Storage
Hallway <--> R2
Airlock <--> Hallway <--> R3
Hallway <--> Leisure
Leisure <--> Bunks
Hallway <--> Medical