Unborn (ʌnˈbɔːn) are generally human animal hybrids and widely the name given to any sentient creatures born out of genetic experiment. Spoken clearer, anybody who is “unborn”. Many of these people come from excavation of prewar labs where experimentation ran wild and ethics was of no concern. The Unborn are those that have been freed and reintegrated as Citizens. The Unborn behave similarly to other humans with a few small differences, first they have a much stronger sense of personal property than most Citizens and can be territorial. An Unborn’s increased genetic affinity makes them appealing for a mixture of labour-intensive and meticulous jobs.


  • Heights and weights vary widely.

Cultural Names

  • Most take an unassuming first name with a personal descriptor.

    Greg Grey Fur, Mallory Long Legs, Frank Yellow Eyes



  • Raw meat or unprocessed plant matter.

Mementos and Fetishes

  • Unborn like to carry small gifts or trinkets to barter with and give as gifts.

Reproduction And Gender

  • Most Unborn can reproduce in theory, though in practice it may not work out.
  • Unborn can have various secondary sex characteristics and may present as any gender.




Primal Power

You have learned to tap into your primal force to lend you aid.

  • You may spend a Power to perform some action that would seem impossible for an average human.

Hold your breath for 30 minutes, lift a vehicle, run immeasurably fast.




Vermin Speaker

You have a heightened connection with your primitive side, allowing you an increased telepathic connection to vermin, rodents, and other scavengers.

  • You may summon any nearby vermin to you with Ascendancy.
  • You may give instruction or question vermin similarly with Ascendancy. With convincing, these instructions may even put the vermin in harms way