2: Matilda


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Congrats on your last mission,

A colleague of mine used to say, “Horror is everywhere around us, the hard part is choosing to look”. Excellent work, identifying and destroying the faulty AI. Unfortunately, its complete destruction means we weren’t able to scan its memories / decision-making algorithms to determine what caused its malfunction. Do not consider this admonishment, after reading your reports, destroying it was the correct call.

We collected the automata “operative” that was created by Cell. This whole situation is very disturbing, and I have Joi and Edwin working on it. As well, Ken’s new pet has been defrosted and is safely held in Joi’s lab for further interaction.

On a brighter note, Levi is happy to report you have accomplished record-breaking scores. We have some extra discretionary spending which I am going to use to equip the team with Expanders, in my experience, they are very effective against things that refuse to die.

, M