Returning From Space

Baseline Test

The first thing that will be done once you arrive at a CentGov building will be an evaluation of your mental state. This will check how much the mission has affected you.

Increase your Exhaustion if any of the following has happened (note, you always gain at least 1 exhaustion):

Event Increase
Time moves forward +1
Another Reclaimer Was Wounded +1
You were Wounded +2
Reached your max Stress +2
Another Reclaimer Died +3
Failed Your Mission +3


When your character reaches their Exhaustion value they can go on one more Deployment but then are expected to retire. When your character retires they are no longer playable, however when creating a replacement for your retiree they may start with a piece of gear your old character had access to as a Trophy, and when determining your Distinguishing Characteristic you may roll twice and use the result you prefer.

Medical Recovery

CentGov has the greatest facilities imaginable, if they can scrape you off the walls and get you in a cryopod you can be saved at central government.

Any injuries you suffered while on Deployment are fixed. You may choose if this process alters you in some way.

If you lost an arm, you could choose to either have your original arm regrown, a robotic one, a clear prosthetic, if it leaves scarring etc.


If any Reclaimers were reported to have been abusive of their fellow citizens while in space, they may be reprimanded.

This should not happen lightly, but if a player is behaving poorly while in space the Game Master may reprimand them. Some example punishments are:

  • Weapons Restriction - You cannot go on Deployment with weapons until behaviour improves.
  • Re-education - You do not get an Advancement instead being required to spend that time being re-educated.
  • Discharge - In dire circumstances, you may need to release a character (and potentially their player) from the Reclaimers and further a play group.

Most Valuable Reclaimer

During your debrief notes will be taken on who stood out during the deployment. Hard work does not go unnoticed at the Reclaimers.

Every Reclaimer who departed should discuss who was the most valuable Reclaimer was during the session. You cannot nominate yourself, but should try to honour a meaningful moment, sacrifice, great role play, or other feat. The person the group determines did something outstanding gets an Excellence.


You are expected to remain sharp while not deployed to the field, CentGov provides a multitude of training programs and augmentations that you can receive.

You will gain some Progress every time you return from space.


As a Reclaimer, your gear is generally the property of CentGov however as a specialized operative, you may maintain 1 piece of Equipment that you find in space which you are allowed to deploy with.

If you brought back a unique or otherwise unavailable to yourself piece of Equipment you may make it your trophy, an item you can select when going on Deployment. You may only have 1 trophy, if you replace an old trophy it is lost.