3: Distant Memory


A recovery hospital for veterans has had a bacterium enter its stasis supply, it is feeding off the memories of the veterans and creating strange and otherworldly events from those memories. Use stasis pods to help the veterans work through their trauma.




Medical Facility

flowchart TD

Hall <--> Processing <--> Medical

Hall2 <--> Medical

Hall3 <--> Treatment <--> Stasis

Entry <--> Hall(( )) <--> Hall2(( )) <--> Hall3(( )) <--> Hall4(( )) <--> Maintenance

Hall <--> Security <--> Command

Hall2 <--> Lounge["Staff Lounge"]

Hall3 <--> Mess


People in charge of the area.

Rolling Lake (It/Its)

  • Culture: Kaar
  • Appearance: No hair, Black eyes, Are well dressed
  • Demeanour: Musing
  • Goal: Defend their allies
  • Quirk: Has a button collection
  • Plate Carrier, Basic Pistol + Sword.


People protecting the area.

Annette Henderson (She/Her)

  • Culture: Prole
  • Appearance: Short Black hair, Brown eyes, Are stout
  • Demeanour: Rude
  • Goal: Defend their allies
  • Quirk: Always checks their watch
  • Plate Carrier, Basic Pistol, Knife.


    People keeping the area working.

    Angel Lynton (She/They)

  • Culture: Prole
  • Appearance: Bald Black hair, Brown eyes, Have dark skin
  • Demeanour: Motherly
  • Goal: Defend their allies
  • Quirk: Carries an unexpected weapon (custom magnum).


    People keeping the people working.

    Page Svensen (They/Them)

  • Culture: Prole
  • Appearance: Stubbled Greying hair, Blue eyes, Have burnt eyes, Have burnt hands
  • Demeanour: Pushy
  • Goal: Fix problems no matter the cost
  • Quirk: Has a silly hat (head wrap / traditional garb)

Screaming River (She/They)

  • Culture: Kaar
  • Appearance: No hair, Black eyes, Has a cheek scar
  • Demeanour: Overly Verbose
  • Goal: Defend their allies
  • Quirk: Loves movies
  • Currently Injured (laser fire)

Miller Michaud (He/Him)

  • Culture: Prole
  • Appearance: Short Cropped Brown hair, Blue eyes, Have burnt eyes
  • Demeanour: Motherly
  • Goal: Defend their allies
  • Quirk: Is non-verbal
  • Currently Injured (shrapnel)

Angel Blue Eyes (They/Them)

  • Culture: Unborn
  • Appearance: Patchy Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Have a prosthetic
  • Demeanour: Cheerful
  • Goal: Maintain order
  • Quirk: Is great at cards


    People passing through.

Many veterans, in stasis. 2 awake

Ronin Spencer (He/Him)

  • Culture: Prole
  • Appearance: Short Cropped Bleached hair, Blue eyes, Have many tattoos
  • Demeanour: Rude
  • Goal: Avoid conflict
  • Quirk: Constantly checking behind them

Nobody (She/Her)

  • Culture: Envoy
  • Appearance: Pig Tailed Bleached hair, Black eyes, Are short
  • Demeanour: Whispering
  • Goal: Maintain order
  • Quirk: Is obsessed with someone famous


  • Land and immediately be greeted by a visibly shook staff.
  • 2 of the medical staff are being treated for weapons related injuries.
  • Captain hears chanting in his office.
  • Zombies, Plants, Robots, etc. attack the isolated in the halls.
  • Fully shift into a recreation of a memory.
  • Hallucinate fighting and violence.
  • Emotional damage, from being at a funeral and feeling the sadness.
  • Pulling away from a site of an attack without all survivors.
  • The water itself will attack with stasis and memories.
  • Need to flush or eradicate the compound.


Automata Hulk - weak cold, resistant everywhere* 14 integrity.

Unkowable -


  • Dietrich activity: Worry about: Trauma, Traditional weaponry.
  • Ken-Hawthorne did a project to train the Phase-Cat.
  • 27F: doing training.
  • Ken on the precipise of understanding the phenomena.
  • Got the crew to disarm
  • Dietrich gave the cpt a body cam.
  • Annete and 27f heard whistling of Saints a Marching in the halls.
  • Others failed to comprehend the frequency, the noise made them uncomfortable.
  • Deitrich got shooters ears to block out the sound.
  • 7 damage (hulk)
  • Got shot in the hall by the return fire on that Hulk.
  • went to stasis
  • Nobody died
  • Ronin went to sleep, caused a vision.
  • they were attack by a horror beast. Kat homelandered it.
  • They woke everyone up.