After every mission you complete, you will be rewarded with additional opportunities, your progress will look as follows:

Missions Reward
1 Basic Advancement
2 Skill Increase
3 Basic Advancement
4 Skill Increase
5 Expert Advancement
6 Basic Advancement
7 Skill Increase
8 Basic Advancement
9 Skill Increase
10 Expert Advancement

Skill Increase

You may increase one of your skills by 1 rank, up to a maximum of 3.


Advancements come from a number of places, there are Standard-Advancements available to all Reclaimers, Origin specific advancements, and Culture-based advancements. As a Reclaimer, you have access to them all and any other training you need.


More standard advancements that your character will gain a few of as they progress.


More meaningful and powerful advancements that will give your characters large increases in power.

Types of Advancements

Advancements come in a number of forms, which describe where your new-found power derives from. These are:


These advancements represent personal improvement, your skills and abilities are directly honed improving you.


You have undergone some augmentation, whether it be mutation, transformation, or new machinery installed in your body, which you have received training to use to the fullest.


Your Equipment has been customized to perform an additional task.


You have taken further specialization, providing you with additional gear access.

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