Envoy (ɒnvɔɪ) are a race of organic automata vaguely humanoid in stature with unmoving faces appearing to be carved of stone but usually adorned with makeup and painted on features. Envoys were discovered on a massive, decrepit spaceship of unknown origin. The original explorers discovered that the ship’s reactor had failed and the race responsible for the ship’s creation had died out centuries ago. However, their automata servants had remained in stasis waiting for the reactor’s recovery.

Scientists called these entities Envoys, and through education on free will and autonomy, helped them to understand their place outside their creators. Now having been integrated into society, Envoys tend to be highly charming conversationalists and excellent company. Those that know them well will come to find most have a wry sense of humour and a nihilistic outlook.


  • Short compared to a human and all about the same height.
  • Weigh much more than a human of their size.

Cultural Names

  • Envoys tend to take a single name with no family name, their lineage is clear.

Ellen, Dawn, Rose, Erin


  • Universal
  • A click heavy language spoken by their outlived masters, though most are averse to speaking it.


  • Can subsist on a direct carbon supplement, though traditional food will also suffice.

Mementos and Fetishes

  • Most Envoy carry a makeup kit with a number of pallets they associate with their face and identity.

Reproduction And Gender

  • Envoys have no reproductive organs.
  • Envoys primarily use she/her pronouns, though individuals with different experience or past prejudice may choose different.





You have deigned to separate your bodily senses fully from your mind, making pain and suffering just passing thoughts.





Some ancient knowledge plagues you, causing your body to shift and move in strange directions as though unbound to the rules of reality.