Armour is your character’s safety net. It is designed to protect against only a small amount of high-powered attacks. However, advanced armour can be almost impervious to simpler weapons. Armour will protect certain locations on your body. A suit of armour together has shared integrity, but separate details for each location it protects on your body. Some armours will stack, such as shields and energy fields. If you have multiple valid armour sources, you can choose to use whichever you want (though only 1 per attack).


Armour can cover two sections of your body. Ancillary, and Vitals.

Skill Penalty

Wearing armour affects your ability to fight in combat. Heavier armour, though offering more protection, will affect the Difficulty Value of certain actions as shown below.

Location Skills effected
Ancillary Attacks
Vitals Reactions

Weakness and Resistance

Some armour will be more susceptible or less susceptible to certain Types of Damage.

  • If you are weak to an attack, increase the damage by 1.
  • If you are resistant to an attack, reduce the damage by 1.

Armour Integrity

Your overall suit of armour will have an armour integrity, which is how well it all comes together to protect you. In other words, your armour suit has a shared amount of health over all locations. Armour Integrity is equal to the values of your Vitals armour and Ancillary armour.

Armour Traits

Some armour will have specialized Armour-Traits that provide additional utility and ability. These should be representative of specialized construction.


Characters shouldn’t be punished for dressing their characters in a specific way that doesn’t describe perfect protection. The most obvious, however dated, example is a chain mail bikini. Though silly and perhaps not something players would be comfortable with, if it is in your game, it counts as fully functional armour with similar weaknesses to any other armour of similar material. Players and, in most cases, NPC characters should not have their narrative armour exploited.  

This extends to hats and helmets as well. Many players love the idea of a hero with their hair flowing in the wind and a perfect smile as they rush into battle. This vision doesn’t need to conflict with having a protected vitals.

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