Weapon Traits

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Crafting Templates

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Size Matters

This weapon adds $size \times 2$ to Damage Bonus.


Weapon Trait


This weapon has electronic or minute mechanical parts.

  • This weapon requires sophisticated systems to work and can be dissrupted by external tools and processes.

Weapon Trait


This weapon applies its effects through the air we breathe.

  • This weapon only affects those that need to breathe.

Weapon Trait


  • This weapon affects everyone within Reach of the target (everyone gets a reaction).

Weapon Trait


This weapon can be rapid fired to cause additional harm.

Weapon Trait


+1 to defensive skill tests using this weapon.

Weapon Trait


This weapon is connected to its user and is always on hand and ready for use.

  • The owner of this weapon may always draw it as though it were on their person, even if they are destroyed, or otherwise misplaced. They may still only exist in one place at any time, however.

Weapon Trait


Weapon Trait

Capacity(X, Type)

This weapon requires Munitions to be used.

  • The number and types of things that this item can be Loaded with. Usually written as Capacity (X, Type), which means it can be used X times, and is loaded with Type item.

So a weapon described as having Capacity(12, Fuel) would hold 12 Fuel.

Weapon Trait

Close Quarters

Small enough to handle close encounters.

  • This weapon can be used In Melee with no penalty.

Weapon Trait


This weapon’s technical nature allows you to manipulate your enemies with it.

Weapon Trait

Deadly Draw

  • This weapon is Penetrating for your first attack in any combat.

Weapon Trait


This otherworldly weapon feeds off those it destroys.

  • When this weapon causes Defeated or kills an enemy, it refreshes all Capacity if it has any, otherwise the defeated Characters life force is stored within the weapon for other uses.

Weapon Trait


  • This does not appear to be a weapon.
  • -1 to Threat.

Weapon Trait


Weapon Trait


Weapon Trait


This weapons attacks are so grim it leaves behind no evidence.

  • Anyone killed by this weapon or its injuries is eradicated, there remains no trace of them.

Weapon Trait


  • This weapon affects everyone in Eye Line and Close to the target (everyone gets a reaction).

Weapon Trait


This weapon works without any user intervention.

Weapon Trait


This weapon is completely hands free, either strapped to a person or supporting itself.

  • This weapon doesn’t require free hands to be used.

Weapon Trait


This weapon embeds in enemies.

Weapon Trait

Impossibly Large

This weapon is comically massive, it is unthinkable a person could use it.

  • This weapon cannot be wielded by an average-sized Character.

Weapon Trait


This weapon is extra effective at harming others.

Weapon Trait


This weapon can assist in firing Comestibles using its inherent mechanical advantage.

Weapon Trait

Light Source

A glowing source of light for any wielding it.

  • This weapon illuminates the user and everything Close.

Weapon Trait


  • This weapons attack results in a lingering effect. For a few minutes narratively, or the remainder of combat, anyone remaining in the area after performing an Action suffers the attack’s Damage and Effects again.

Weapon Trait


This weapon can be reloaded.

  • Some weapons and equipment will require a certain amount of time to be ready for use. This is the loading time. Loading time is specified as (X) where X is the number of rounds, or 0 for Free Action.
  • If something can be loaded as a Free Action, immediately using it puts the action at a (-1).

Weapon Trait


Not a weapon, this is magic used to harm.

Weapon Trait

Massive Explosion

  • This weapon affects everyone in Eye Line and within a Short distance from the target (everyone gets a reaction).

Weapon Trait


As this weapon swings, it builds force.

  • Whenever you attack with this weapon and don’t strike anything (either miss or the attack is dodged) your next Attack gains (+1), this stacks.

Weapon Trait

On Line

This weapon is attached through lengthy rope or chain giving it exceptional reach.

Weapon Trait


  • This weapon requires one free hand to wield effectively.

Weapon Trait

Mind Over Matter

This weapon strikes using your force of will.

Weapon Trait


This weapon is actually a set of one-handed weapons designed to be used together.

  • This weapon can be used in only one hand, but you receive a (-1) to Attack.

Weapon Trait


This weapon rends through armour ignoring its structural advantages.

Weapon Trait

Powerful Stunning

Weapon Trait


This weapon is predominately used for accurate lethal attacks.

Weapon Trait


This weapon pulls its target closer to you.

Weapon Trait


This weapon is long enough that you can fight people without them being close to you.

Weapon Trait


Weapon Trait


Weapon Trait


Extra projectiles means more damage, or less, depends on how close you want to be.

  • This only effects weapons with a range greater than Reach.
  • This weapon deals (+1) damage within Reach
  • This weapon deals (-1) damage if outside the Attack Range.

Weapon Trait


This weapon is perfectly quiet making no noise as it attacks.

  • This weapon makes no noise when used.

Weapon Trait

Single Use

This item is designed to be disposed of when exhausted.

  • This weapon does not have Loading and when out of Capacity ceases to function.

Weapon Trait


You strike people with this weapon.

Weapon Trait


Weapon Trait


Weapon Trait


This weapons attacks are targeted, requiring accuracy.

Weapon Trait


This weapon is dangerous to fight against, making being close dangerous.

  • You have +1 Threat while wielding this.

Weapon Trait


This weapon is thrown requiring fitness.

Weapon Trait


  • This weapon requires two free hands to wield effectively.

Weapon Trait

Very Threatening

This weapon is exceptionally dangerous to fight against making being close to it very difficult.

  • You have +2 Threat while wielding this.