Usually, in combat, you will be trying to harm your opponents with the goal of killing or disabling them. Attacks will typically be:

Attack Range

When you attack something, your range is how far you can engage them from.

  • If a weapon doesn’t specify a range it is assumed you need to be within Reach.
  • If you aren’t within a weapons range you can either Move, or suffer a Distance Penalty, or perhaps, both.
  • Magic generally has a range of Close.
  • Items can be thrown Close.
  • Ranged attacks will be defined in the weapons traits.


  • Declare what weapon you are using
  • Make sure you are within range (or figure out what your total penalty will be)
  • Determine any bonuses or negatives you have on the attack.
  • Declare any modifiers you are applying to the attack.
  • Roll a skill test. If you fail this test, this is a Mitigated Attack.
  • Your Opponent can use a Reaction.
  • Your Opponent Takes Damage

Critical Hits

If an Attack is a Critical Success it deals +1 Damage.

Combat Modifiers

These are modifiers you can apply to attacks and manoeuvres which will put you at a negative to the skill test but will make the attack or manoeuvre do additional things. Several other powerful modifiers can be learned by taking specific combat training. 

Extra Damage

Action modifier varies

Your Attack does additional Damage. Every weapon wielded by a character will have a different extra damage penalty.

Vitals Hit

Action modifier (-2)

Your Attack strikes a person’s vitals. An Attack that rolls Doubles, is always considered a Vitals hit.

Taking Damage

If you fail to mitigate an incoming attack, you will take damage. Armour is your first line of defence against attacks. Your armour provides you with a small amount of Armour Integrity which can absorb incoming damage.

Example, if your character takes 3 damage from a piercing attack while wearing armour weak to piercing with 2 Armour Integrity. Your character’s Armour Integrity is reduced to 0, with 2 damage still left unaccounted for, you suffer 2 Injury Damage.