Armour Traits

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Armour Trait


This armour is awe-inspiring and impressively constructed.

Armour Trait


This armour imbues the character with additional mystical energy.

Armour Trait


This armour has built in filtration protecting the air you breathe.

  • You ignore any effects requiring you to breathe them in.

Armour Trait

Helping Hand

This armour has an additional manipulator, providing you aid with all fine tasks.

  • You receive a (+1) to Application.
  • You have an extra hand which can hold objects and interact with the environment.

Armour Trait


This suit of armour is impossibly large, a normal human could never wear it.

  • This armour is too large for the average person to wear.
  • If a normal suit of armour is given this trait it has +2 Armour Integrity.

Armour Trait


This armour helps you to float comfortably above the ground.

  • You can move in any direction, as though flying or levitating.

Armour Trait


This armour is a living organism, making it hard for people to access your body.

  • This armour isn’t removable except under special circumstances, but is comfortable to live in.

Armour Trait


Your armour augments your movements.

Armour Trait


Armour Trait


  • You do not need to drink water or breathe while wearing this.

Armour Trait


This armour seems to grow and seal injuries on its own, making it impossible to diagnose and fix injury.

Armour Trait


This armour is completely sealed, making you self-sufficient in hazardous environments up to and including space.

  • You are unaffected by airborne effects.
  • You are unaffected by extreme temperature.
  • You can survive in a vacuum.

Armour Trait


Armour Trait


  • It does not appear to an observer like you are wearing armour.

Armour Trait


You don’t have armour on this location at all.