Special Combat Actions

In combat there are several situations that come up often enough they should have predefined rules. This doesn’t mean this list is exhaustive, but should give an idea of the sort of things you can do in combat apart from harming someone directly.

Defensive Fighting

You may as a free action make a Coordination Fixed Difficulty(0) if successful, no one can perform Attack of Opportunity against you during this turn. If you fail, anyone In Melee may immediately perform an Attack of Opportunity.

Cautious Step

As an Action may move without suffering Attack of Opportunity, but can do nothing else.


With at least one free hand or a melee weapon, you can attempt to disarm a Character within Reach of you. Make a Physique skill test at (-1) and if successful, your opponent drops their weapon (or it is now in your hands).


Make an attack against someone within Reach with the intent of getting control of your opponent. If this is a Non-mitigated Attack, your opponent is in a grapple. As an Action, they may:

As an Action, you may:

  • Physique Fixed Difficulty(0) to cause 2 Impact damage.
  • Pin your Opponent completely, causing them to take a -2 on any skill tests on their turn.
  • Make an attack with a size 1 weapon with a (-2) to hit that can’t be evaded
  • Make an Physique skill test to throw them Close in a direction of your choice.


Which is a Physique skill test at (-2) where if you succeed, then if an enemy attacks you in melee and succeeds, you ignore the attack. If they fail their skill test to attack, you may make an attack on them without requiring a skill test.


With at least one free hand, you can attempt to move someone within Reach of you. Make a Physique skill test, if you succeed, you can move them somewhere Close.