Terms And Jargon


The formal name for the central Government on earth that directs resources and plans military responses.


Almost all space travel takes years to move between planets. During this time, travellers are put into a form of stasis to maintain their bodies and make time pass instantly. Though this process has nothing to do with freezing or cold, it is colloquially known as “Cryo” as a reference to old science fiction.


A human made habitable zone on earth. Domes are located in Western Canada, Central Brazil, Russia, Alaska and China.


“Local Area Network”, though long-range communication like the modern internet doesn’t exist, most Stations will have their systems interconnected locally. This is considered a LAN.

Other Side

What people refer to as the aberrations, curses and horror that stems from the red eclipse.


The generally accepted term to refer to any

The Gifted

Another name for those with psychic affinity and power.


Another name for the Coalition Of The God King.


The name for the language widely spoken on Earth.


Slang for the Western Canada Dome.


Workers for CentGov, anyone within the general earth population with rights and responsibilities.