Humans don’t have hit points. A character’s Armour takes the role of their safety net to injury, once it is gone when attacked and harmed you suffer injuries.

Injury Damage

Any damage not mitigated by armour is considered Injury Damage and causes direct effects and harm to the Character.

When you suffer injury, the attacker can assign a number of Injury-Effects to you based on the damage dealt.

Example a character suffers an attack that deals 3 damage while having 1 Armour Integrity. There armour is reduced to 0 integrity and they suffer 2 injury damage. This is enough to cause them to suffer an Injury-Effects.

Hit Locations

Generally when considering where something strikes you, it is assumed that an Attack or other harm will hit you in somewhere that will not kill you. Important vitals locations are often close to the body, and challenging to strike without intent. The two location types are:


Ancillary are any standard Attack. An ancillary attack can still be very dangerous, but is much less likely to kill.


Vitals are an Attack that is targeted, usually with Vitals Shot. The meaningful distinction is that any attack that causes Injury Damage causes 2 additional.

Types of Damage

Generally, there are two large categories of damage – Physical and Otherworldly, each of these then further has three categories of damage.

Physical injuries can consist of:


tearing and cutting flesh.


Stabbing and piercing flesh.


Slamming into and breaking flesh.

Otherworldly injuries can consist of:


Poison, acid, and rot ravage the body, destroying life itself.


Heat, power, holy energy ravage the body.


Ice, chill, vampiric energy ravage the body.

Injury Penalty

After someone is wounded, whether they pass out or stay conscious, they will suffer long-term effects. Once the combat ends, any characters who suffered Wounded gains the Long Term Injury effect.

Managing Injuries

Aside from the trauma of being injured in the field, there are other immediate risks to a person who has been injured, and they will need treatment to stay healthy or remain alive (depending on severity).

When determining difficulty of Application skill tests and negatives for any injuries, apply a penalty equal to your Long Term Injury penalty.

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