IPC (aɪ piː siː) or Integrated Positronic Chassis is the classification for the robots housing advanced positronic brains. These robots were, before the great war, kept as slaves with no consideration for their sentience by large corporations that owned them. Before the war broke out, they began to fight for their rights and created workers unions. With the advent of CentGov it is no longer necessary to maintain these unions, but IPC tend to be proud of their history.

Their robotic bodies are humanoid, with their important systems in their chest cavity. Their head is a large monitor which can display images and words as needed. IPC struggle to feel emotion as humans do and more so emulate it after forming relationships with others, though some may argue this is indistinguishable from feeling emotion.


  • Are similar in height to most humans.
  • Weigh a bit more than a human of their size.

Cultural Names

IPC tend to use an alphanumeric designation as a name.

J01, M4X


  • Universal
  • Binary - electrical signals delivered quickly like Morse Code.


  • Need to be charged or will suffer similar effects to starvation.

Mementos and Fetishes

  • A union ID card with their maker and original purpose.

Reproduction And Gender

  • IPC have no reproductive organs.
  • IPC generally use they/them or it pronouns, but may express however they wish.




Catastrophe Protocol

Your brain is always planning for the worst outcome and is ready for it.




Stabilization System

Your internals are built to last even after the most severe of injuries and emergencies.

  • You cannot die from complications related to injuries.
  • You cannot be On Fire.




Universal Translator

Your hearing and voice have been rerouted through a translation suite that processes incoming and outgoing language and interprets it into something your brain can understand.

  • You speak and understand all language.