5: Pack Rats


All that is left of a station is a collection of psychically imbued rats.

Message of “No Signal” from station IX408, an unknown station which has been flagged for processing by a small crew.

Mission Rating: Level 2 (Catastrophe)




graph TD
  Docking <--> Recreation
  Maintenance <--> Docking
  Recreation <--> Security
  Security <--> Command
  Recreation <--> Command
  Recreation <--> Medical
  Recreation <--> Maintenance



A fast rat with the ability to teleport himself and other people.

In Recreation.

Had to race through mazes to find food.


A paranoid rat with the ability to make people hear and see things that aren’t there.

In Medical.

Was subjected to strange projections.


An bitter rat looking to get payback for what was done to him. Can control electric systems.

In Maintenance.

Managed the station where all of this torture took place.


A violent (joyfully so) rat who is a reflection of his environment. Can perform acts of pychokenesis.

In Security.

Was forced to fight other rats to the death to become the “strongest”.


  • Going to arrive and immediately doors will be blocked off with the “AI” saying they don’t have access.
  • Be propositioned into Recreation by Skittery, who will have created a maze like construct in Recreation.
  • Pressure them by Bittery trying to kill them, or “evict them” as the bad men.
  • Fight arena in Security.
  • The rat king is in Maintenance, even more powerful if they make the other rats hate them somehow with additional powers.
  • Medical is a clean room with strange, distorted projections.
  • Ghost projections of the torture that happened to them throughout from Jittery.
  • Harrass with blocking and stuff by Bittery.
  • Need to solve a riddle from the other 3 rats to be let into maintenance. “What are the three things everybody needs”
    • Food - Skittery
    • Company - Chittery
    • Hope - Jittery
  • There won’t be a timer, but bittery will be reviewing the situation as it unfolds, threatening them if they try to cheat.
  • Rats are weak to fire and pierce. Deal impact and rending damage.
  • Skittery
    • Solve the maze.
    • Make him food or something, maybe (gain his trust).
    • Make him like them, he’s the ally in the session.
  • Chittery
    • Prove strength in the arena.
    • Drink the primordial soup (rat gunk melted down with the bio destabilizer) will cause illness / rage potentially.
    • Avoid the bio destabilizer that he has access to. (charged item that as an action deals 1 damage and if it injures kills something instantly for 1 point).
  • Jittery
    • Figure out where he is stuck by watching the memories and interrogating them.
    • Try to find the happy memories for Jittery.
    • Put the other rats to rest (send them to space).


  • Ken failed to hack the PC Bittery deleted relevant logs and let them in.
  • “lab gear” was delivered every 4 weeks until 2 months ago.
  • Figured it was coalition station.
  • in sec 3 left doors (big), 12 doors on right (small).
  • Dire Rat - 12 integrity weak heat and pierce. Attack (6, Rend, 6), Knockover.
  • Dietrich taking the rats with her.