Measures how well you communicate.

It can be honed to better perform the Skills:


The action of showing confidence, making others believe it. This includes:

  • Acting as a role.
  • Lying to someone.
  • Convincing someone of something true, that appears to be a lie.
  • Inspiring a person or group.
  • Directing something to act.

Any time you are communicating and trying to show your confidence, you should make a confidence Skill test.


The act of connecting with other people and creatures, and making them do what you want. This includes:

  • Convincing someone to help you.
  • Getting a good deal on a trade.
  • Seeing if someone trusts you enough to share useful information.
  • Calming an animal.

Any time you are communicating and need to see if you’ve connected with the other entity, you should make a connection Skill test.