1: Meat On Ice


Security and one supply worker are Coalition Of The God King spies and have smuggled a shock trooper onto the station with plans of taking it over.

Station Name: Oberon

Original Message

Severity Level 1 (Mystery), Contraband.




graph TD
  Docking <--> F3ENTRY <--> F2ENTRY <--> F1ENTRY 
  subgraph F1[Floor 1]
  F1ENTRY(( )) <--> Warehouse <--> F1ENTRY2(( ))
  subgraph F2[Floor 2]
    F2ENTRY(( )) <--> hallwayF2(( ))
    Station_Recreation[Station Recreation] <--> hallwayF2 <--> Mess
    hallwayF2(( )) <--> farHallwayF2(( ))
    Command <--> farHallwayF2 <--> Mess
    farHallwayF2 <--> F2ENTRY2(( ))
  subgraph F3[Floor 3]
    F3ENTRY(( )) <--> hallwayF3(( ))
    Processing <--> hallwayF3 <--> Security
    hallwayF3(( )) <--> farHallwayF3(( ))
    Recreation <--> farHallwayF3 <--> Medical
    farHallwayF3 <--> F3ENTRY2(( ))
  F3ENTRY2 <--> F2ENTRY2 <--> F1ENTRY2 <--> Heavy_Docking[Heavy Docking]


People in charge of the area.

Jasmin Oriol (She/Her)

  • Older Woman with an aqua green and grey bun pulled tight wearing a standard jumpsuit. Carries a plasma pistol (notable as it is something infantry officers use).
  • Insightful.
  • Resolve the issue whatever the cost.


People protecting the area. Wear plate carriers.

Bell Cremona (She/Her)

  • Younger woman, with darker skin very fit hair in top knot. Carries a vibro sword and pistol.
  • Cheerful, wondering.
  • Secret spy, with psychic potential.

Ghulam Iron Fur (He/Him)

  • Unborn old and venerated. Carrying a modified breaching shotgun, wearing a beret.
  • Soft spoken.
  • Defend his allies.


People keeping the area working.

Manus (He/Him)

  • Rough, burnt man middle age. Speaks with a guttural accent.
  • Pointed words.
  • Working to take over the station.
  • Manages the bots for the warehouse.

46e (They/They)

  • Traditional IPC in engineering gear.
  • Helpful, Overly Verbose.
  • Desires order.
  • Maintains the station.

Spreading Sound (She/Her)

  • Kaar looming with a custom harness (originally military) of cleaning supplies.
  • Motherly.
  • Wants to avoid conflict.
  • Cleans and cooks.

Stali Kucera (He/Him)

  • Younger man in standard gear.
  • Dickish, pushy.
  • Overthrowing the station.
  • Head Of Logistics.


People keeping the people working.

Ellis Mould (She/They)

  • Middle age woman with a shaved head and standard medical gear.
  • Warm.
  • Keeping to herself.
  • Primary Doctor

Doctor System (It)

  • Diagnostic system that works throughout all of medical and processing.
  • Helps Ellis with processing.


People passing through.


  • Captain will have God King pamphlets that Stali brought to her.
  • Lobos will attack them if they get to close.
  • Cryopod in cargo bay with Shock-Trooper. Stali will try to release if they seem to be getting close.
  • Too many boxes to easily sort all of cargo, even with manifests it will take time to discover an anomaly. Stali will draw them to the captain if they start this train of thought.
  • Food has been spoiling, the temperature isn’t correct in the station (too high). Engineering not sure why that is.
  • Bell will be monitoring their progress on cameras and mics.
  • Combat Drones will go haywire and attack them.
  • Security will try and suggest Spreading Sound has been acting weird “being where they shouldn’t”.
  • Station rec will be off limits, having been opened to space. Psychic event by Bell Cremona (She/Her).
  • Civilians might be kidnapped.
  • There will have been a few ships through recently,
    • Military Vessel Righteous Dawn.
    • Cargo Ship Corsus.
    • Baron Vetvons private cruiser. This is who dropped off the cryopod.



Coalition Of The God King

Shock Trooper

A massive humanoid towering at 10+ feet cased entirely in futuristic, powered, armour. Its eyes glow fiery golden with psychic power, and its massive slab of energized sword breathes heat on all nearby.

Move Threat Integrity Weakness Resistance
Close 3 8 Cold Piercing, Rending, Impact


Mantle Of Hatred

Hatred manifest, burning all those nearby.

  • Anyone within Reach takes 1 Heat every action.
  • Anyone outside Reach suffers (-1) to all actions through the haze and the heat.




A once living body that has been modified with cybernetics to continue to perform menial tasks in perpetuity.

Move Threat Integrity Weakness Resistance
Reach 1 - - -



Combat Drone

A small flying disk with attached cameras and propulsion. This drone has a small energy laser attached, which can be used to destroy bulkheads and wreak havoc autonomously.

Move Integrity Weakness Resistance
Close 3 Cold Rending