Effects are temporary things that can be applied to a character. They will effect your Action and the Action of others.


A stunned character cannot perform Action or Movement.


  • After missing an Action during combat or when narratively appropriate.


You are out cold, you cannot respond to external stimuli of any kind.


  • Someone must spend time waking you.
  • Potentially at the end of the Scene.

On Fire

Your character or their clothing is currently burning.

  • Whenever you act, you suffer 2 Heat damage.
  • Whenever you would perform an Action make an Volition Fixed Difficulty(0) skill test, if you fail you may only perform actions to remove this effect.



You have been knocked to the ground.


perform a Coordination Fixed Difficulty(0):

  • If you succeed, you may stand as a Free Action.
  • If you fail, you will need to spend your Action to remove prone.


A slowed character can only move up to Close on their next turn.


Will be removed with time.

In Melee

Your character moves around and connects weapons with combatants.


There must be no other combatants in melee within Reach.

In Cover

You are partially, or totally, obfuscated from your opponent.


  • You cannot be in cover if you are In Melee.
  • If you move away from whatever is providing you with cover.


You have collapsed, either dead or incapacitated, unable to aid your allies further. This might consist of having to put pressure on wounds, being in shock, actually being unconscious, or any number of narrative appropriate scenarios.


  • Anyone can do a basic stabilization of a defeated Character. This is a very basic test to make sure they are no longer bleeding, their burns have been covered, etc. This is a Application Fixed Difficulty(0). No matter the result of the skill test, the person is no longer at risk of immediately dying, but if you fail they get an additional -1 to their Long Term Injury penalty.


Your character has suffered a meaningful injury, there is only so much longer they can keep fighting.


Long Term Injury

Your character has suffered a meaningful injury. The discomfort causes them difficulty when performing actions.

  • If you are wounded, after combat you will take a penalty to all Action equal to the highest amount of Injury.


  • Removed with adequate time or healing.
  • Removed with Gear.


You have difficulty focusing and moving, everything feels like it is under water.



Something is keeping you from acting or moving.


  • Whatever is restraining you must be removed.


Something is keeping you from moving.


  • Whatever has made you stuck, you must be separated from.

Temporarily Blind

You can’t see.

  • You cannot do anything relying on your sight.
  • You cannot attack outside of Reach.
  • Attacking is at a (-3).


  • Last until the end of the Scene.

Temporarily Deaf

You can’t hear.

  • You cannot do anything relying on your ears.
  • You count as Disoriented.


  • Last until the end of the Scene.


You cannot become afraid no matter the horrors you see.

  • Last until the end of the Scene.