All characters that aren’t a Player Character, still need rules for the players to engage with. Non player characters are generally just a collection of actions, reactions, traits and some default details. Non player characters come in 2 overall archetypes: Simple NPCs and Complex NPCs.

Simple NPCs

Easy to build, simplification of character design. Instead of using skills, these characters have specific actions and reactions they can perform, as well as a smaller selection of attributes and traits. There are three tiers of simple NPC, mostly designed for direct party challenges: Fodder, Elites, Bosses.


Weak characters that have no Armour Integrity, few Action and be incapable of Reacting. Any damage will defeat them, and they will tend to only do one thing.


Characters similarly powerful to the player characters. They should have Armour Integrity, be capable of Reacting, and have multiple Action. If an elite enemy is Wounded they are immediately Defeated.


#TODOCombat Characters that could occupy multiple party members. They are capable of Reacting, and should be incapable of suffering Overwhelming Odds. They should also have Resistance(X) allowing them to survive potentially lethal strikes like a player character.

Complex NPCs

For significant NPCs that will interact in very meaningful ways with the players. Complex NPCs come in two categories: Archetypes and Full.


A collection of values that would approximate many characters with suggested values for the NPCs skill tests. This allows you to quickly get consistent NPCs up and running in your games.


Follow the general rules of Character-Creation. They have Attributes, Gear, Skills and training either from the standard lists or specialized ones.

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