Attributes range in value from 1-5 and measure your capability to do almost anything.

  • 1 is below human
  • 2 is human average
  • 3 is remarkable
  • 4 is the peak of human achievement
  • 5 is inhuman

Your character has 5 primary attributes that dictate what they can do:

Attributes reflect your characters inherent talent and power, these are further improved by honing your Skills.

Secondary Attributes

Secondary Attributes


A stat tracking how many times your character can perform certain powerful abilities. Some abilities will require you to expend this resource.

Your Maximum Power is equal to Intelligence + 1 per ability that requires power.

Secondary Attributes


A stat spent on Reacting to the world around you.

You have a maximum number of Reactions equal to your Agility.

Secondary Attributes

Completed Missions

Tracks the number of missions you have completed, informs what Advancements you can select after each mission.

Secondary Attributes


Rewarded to Reclaimers who go above and beyond the call of duty, excellence can be used to:

  • Save yourself from dying. This only keeps you from death, it doesn’t heal you.
  • Give yourself or another person a re-roll on any Skill Test.
  • Gain an additional point for Requisition.
  • Gain an additional Charge of something.

Secondary Attributes


A measure of how much horror a person can see before they are no longer fit for the work. When you take your Baseline Test you will gain exhaustion, when you hit your max exhaustion you will have to Retire.

Max exhaustion is 20.

Secondary Attributes

Munition Capacity

A way to track how many supplies you can carry on you.

Munition Capacity is equal Strength by default.

Secondary Attributes


A stat tracking how much Stress you can handle before issues begin to arise. Being put in terrible situations or seeing deaths will push you towards your max stress.

Your max stress is equal to Spirit.

Secondary Attributes


A stat tracking how much pull you have when requisitioning equipment for a mission. Effects the total quality of gear you can bring with you.

Sway is equal to Communication, but will be modified by Severity.

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