CentGov the government of earth, is generally managed as a form of anarcho-communist dystopia. Most members of earth, especially those inside a Dome are served by this government and served fairly well.


The arm of the government concerned with maintaining order has two primary focuses. First, that each citizen is working to aid their fellow citizen. Second, that each citizen takes only what they need.

Foreign Affairs

The government group concerned with interfacing with other powerful groups, whether they be Oligarchs or Corporations.


The military is split into a number of groups and specialties, but the primary split is Infantry, and Navy. The leader of the Military on earth is High Commander Doron.


Trained soldiers using modern weaponry to control territory. Supported and transported by the Navy.

The military group dedicated to space, aero, and historically sea combat. Basically all spaceships are piloted and controlled by the Navy. The Reclaimers fall under the Navy.