Earth is for the most part a nuclear hellscape. Out of the final war came a combination of rich oligarchs, powerful secret societies and fractured military personnel. These elite slowly refurbished areas of the world, which are referred to as Domes.

At most, half a million people live on earth. It has been centuries at this point since the war and the nuclear winter has finished. The global government enacts heavy population control with a centralized economy, using AI maintained surveillance and projection to keep the peace. The major controller on Earth is CentGov a ubiquitous organization that controls and maintains the peace. CentGov has 5 elected governors, one for each Dome.

The Tear

The tear is a small opening in the fabric of reality. It hovers above earth rotating around it. To the average person it looks as though there are now two suns, the regular one and a black one seeming to devour light. This small tear is used with The Spire by the Reclaimers.

The Spire

The spire is the large railgun structure that launches Reclaimer pods into space.  The Tear is used to send the pods faster than light. This massive structure raising into the lower atmosphere is one of humanity’s greatest achievements and at the centre of the dome, Its crowning achievement.


Though there is some old world fashion remaining from the days before the war in the form of accessories, jackets, and other loose - fitting garments, it is mandated that all citizens wear a Jumpsuit standardized by their job while on earth and in space. The colours are as follows:

Occupation Colour  
Engineering Yellow  
Logistics Brown  
Infantry Red  
Sanitation and Maintenance Purple  
Service White  
Medical Blue  
Navy Green  
Civilian (Unemployed) Grey  
Government Representatives Black  

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