Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. -Pablo Picasso

In the future, Earth has colonized the stars. Large settlements have developed on valuable planets, utilizing a backbone of colony ships equipped with stasis technology and advanced computational systems for management over long voyages. 

Terraforming technology does not widely exist, or is prohibitively expensive, so large metal structures house colonists on planets as well as in orbit. Artificial Intelligence and human robotics augmentation are emerging fields of research. The Government is pressured by Hostile-Groups and with it taking days for messages to travel between stations and weeks to years for vessels to travel, colonies can feel isolated and on their own against the horrors of space.


You are a member of a reclamation squad, a Reclaimer.

The Rules Of The Reclaimers

  1. No Reclaimer left behind: Unless it is an emergency, Reclaimers should always travel in at least pairs. Staying together saves lives.
  2. People are the most valuable assets. Machines and subsystems can be replaced, but highly trained humans with the aptitude for space travel are difficult to come by. Prioritize their protection over anything else.
  3. Reclaimers are even more valuable assets. The only group harder to train than space fairing experts in their field are space fairing experts in their field with military training.
  4. Always look for ways to better yourself. You are valuable to the central government, and any opportunity to better yourself directly betters the government itself.
  5. Always represent the interests and attitude of the central government. You are peacekeepers and should, if possible, be careful to respect the places you go and the local customs.

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