Anytime you leave the planet for a mission, this is called deployment. When on deployment, you represent the CentGov, and should follow The Rules Of The Reclaimers.


During deploying is a great time to jump into Narrative-Time and role-play interactions between the team, or flashback / montage what each Player Character has been doing since last deployment.

When deploying, you will do a few useful things.


Missions are generally classified with 4 levels of severity.

Level 0 (Appearance)

Level 0 missions represent what would be considered a formal appearance or obligation for the Reclaimers. Escorting a dignitary, attending a parade, evaluating a new station. A level 0 mission should have no real expectation of combat or hostility.

Level 1 (Mystery)

Level 1 missions represent some worry and intrigue. Reclaimers can expect to meet some hostility or roadblocks resolving whatever underlying issues are at the location.

Level 2 (Catastrophe)

Level 2 missions represent a full-blown catastrophe. Reclaimers will be in life-threatening situations and have to act fast to maintain order.

Level 3 (Apocalypse)

Level 3 missions represent a complete breakdown of the target area. Reclaimers will be all that is standing between the end of the station.


Once you understand the severity and have the details, you can requisition gear. Your Origin will explain what gear you have access to, and each piece will specify a requisition cost.

Your total number of available requisition points is equal to your Sway + Severity.

So a character with 2 Sway on a level 1 mission could requisition 3 points. If they were military, they could depart with a: Vibro-Weapon (2 points), Handgun (0 points), Plate-Carrier (0 points), and IFAK (1 point)

Multiple Requisitions

You can opt to take multiples of any Equipment that costs at least 1 requisition.


Unless specified, you deploy with one of each Comestibles, however you may replenish them when used from your Supplies.

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